Grief Counselling Mackay

Let us help you with your grief!

ABC Grief Counselling Services

Welcome to our Grief Counselling services, where we understand the profound challenges of pain, suffering, and grief encountered in various aspects of life.

Our approach acknowledges the complex and individual nature of these experiences, recognising the influence of personal, cultural, and social factors. We emphasise the pivotal role of spirituality in facing life-limiting illnesses and the importance of attentive listening to provide meaningful support.

At our centre, we address spiritual and cultural aspects of end-of-life care, particularly in pain management, with a deep commitment to respecting individual uniqueness. In the evolving landscape of contemporary spirituality, our counselling services extend beyond basic skills, incorporating empathy and an understanding of our own spiritual journey when assisting those navigating through the depths of grief and loss.

Welcome to Aletta’s Grief Counselling Services

Hello, I’m Aletta, and with 30 years of experience in aged care, I am dedicated to extending my support through heartfelt Grief Counselling services.

compassionate understanding

With three decades of experience, I bring a deep understanding of the complexities of grief.

I offer a compassionate and empathetic approach to guide you through the healing process.

Qualified & Experienced

My extensive background uniquely qualifies me to provide specialised grief and loss counselling.

I’m here to support you with expertise and care.


My counselling programs are uniquely tailored to meet your individual needs.

Your grief journey is personal, and my services reflect the respect and sensitivity it deserves.


I adopt a holistic approach, addressing emotional, spiritual, and mental well-being.

Together, we’ll navigate every step of your healing process.


Join individualised sessions, where we foster connection and understanding.

Together, we create a supportive environment for your personal healing.

Confidential & Accessible

Your privacy is paramount. My services offer a confidential and secure space for you to express and heal.

Accessible in various formats, I provide flexibility to accommodate your preferences and schedule.

A Personal Commitment to Your Well-Being

Let’s navigate this journey together.

Understanding Palliative Care