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Compassionate Counselling for All Your Emotional Needs

ABC Counselling Mackay

Compassionate Counselling for All Your Emotional Needs

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Types of Counselling Services We Offer in Mackay

marriage counselling

Navigating the complexities of relationships to foster understanding and connection.



Managing Psychosocial Hazards guides emotional well-being in the workplace.


GRIEF Counselling

Compassionate support to navigate the challenging journey of any grief in your life.


TRAUMA counselling

Healing and resilience through personalised counselling for any trauma you have experienced.


Helpful Advice

Welcome to Aletta’s Insight Hub! Explore personal growth, resilience, and practical wisdom for life’s challenges in a concise and insightful space.


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Family: parenting, marriage, separation

Grief & Loss

Anger Management

Stress Management

Conflict Resolution


Corporate Training

Pregnancy Support

PTSD Support

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Welcome to a Place of Healing and Transformation

I’m Aletta, a passionate counsellor with a focus on marriage and relationship counselling. I believe that healing begins with the heart, and I’m here to guide you on your journey to a more fulfilling and harmonious life. With a deep appreciation for spiritual insights and the wisdom of God, my mission is to help you navigate the challenges of life and love, fostering growth and connection in your relationships.

Whether you’re seeking guidance, reconciliation, or simply a space to explore your inner self, you’ve come to the right place. Together, we can embark on a path of self-discovery, renewal, and the restoration of love. Explore the pages of my website to discover how I can assist you on your unique journey.


In the heart of Mackay’s embrace, ABC Counselling sanctuary invites individuals and couples to discover the strength within. Beneath the whispers of understanding, a symphony unfolds—a journey of self and shared resilience. Aletta’s expertise, a harmonious melody of wisdom, extends beyond convention, crafting a bespoke path for each unique soul. In this sacred space, healing intertwines with the growth of both the individual and the bond, creating a resilient tapestry of love. So, let the whispers guide you to ABC’s haven, where individuals and couples bloom in the gentle dance of personal and shared resilience.


Peace is the serenity that washes over the soul when the storms of life subside. It’s a state of harmony, both within ourselves and in our relationships with others. In the realm of counselling and spirituality, peace is the destination we seek—a place of healing, understanding, and tranquility. It’s the foundation upon which we build better lives and stronger connections as couples. Within this serene haven, individuals and partners rediscover the resilience that blossoms when inner peace becomes the guiding star on their shared journey, creating a tapestry of enduring strength and unity.

presence & tranquility

Presence is the art of being fully immersed in the moment, a state where worries of the past and anxieties about the future fade away. It’s in this state that we find tranquility—a calm and peaceful oasis within. In the journey of self-discovery and inner peace, presence is the compass, and tranquility is the destination. It’s here where we find solace, clarity, and a profound connection with ourselves and the world around us.

Engaging in relationship counselling is a journey of self-discovery that leads to inner peace and companionship.

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Our Vision

To help people find Purpose in Life. Our purpose in life is the very meaning of our existence; without knowing this, we often suffer from ignorance of our significance. We fall prey to the illusion that our lives do not count and that we have no relation or impact on the world around us.